Retained executive search services are at the heart of our offering, specializing in the identification, evaluation and placement of middle and senior level executives, primarily for consulting firms and private Equity clients. We have more than twenty years of experience providing the highest level of customer service in order to exceed our client’s expectations.

The core strengths of our Executive Search services are deep and broad supply chain domain expertise, and intimate familiarity with the strategic objectives, direction and strengths / weaknesses of our client organizations. Our Executive Search engagements begin with an assessment of client requirements, culture, and objectives by our domain experts. We do not accept Search engagements if we lack the available domain expertise or appropriate access to the client organization prior to initiating a search.

Our focus is to build durable relationships with select market leaders and continuously exceed their expectations.  We work as an extension of your management team to satisfy each of your requirements.  Our purpose is to deeply understand your organization and operations in order to match the talents and personality of the most qualified executives available with your firm’s executive needs and corporate culture. We work to understand your business from your perspective. We know that the quality of a company’s management team is the key to growth and success.  We can help by providing outstanding executive talent to fulfill your human capital needs.

Our firm is built on knowledge, relentless dedication and teamwork.  Our client’s success is our bottom line. We measure our own success by the simple fact that more than 75% of our search assignments are from referrals and clients previously served.  Our most important growth factor is in earning repeat business, which can only be achieved by consistent, outstanding performance.