We view every search with the same degree of enthusiasm and dedication regardless of the position or complexity. Once we commit to an assignment we do whatever it takes to achieve superior results as well as complete client satisfaction.

A primary goal is to thoroughly understand our client’s operations, philosophies, culture and corporate structure. We feel it gives us a definite competitive edge in professionally and expediently identifying talented candidates. 

Search Action Plan:
After on boarding our clients that will be involved in the hiring process we develop a search action plan to guide our clients through the search process. This plan will include a search strategy, mutually agreed upon targets and a schedule of critical points and deliverables. Our goal will be to complete each search assignment on your time frame. We will be in regular communication with you throughout the search process and will deliver status reports to the hiring manager(s) as frequently as agreed upon.

Position Definition:
We will  interview your firm’s hiring managers in order to gain a complete understanding of the need, the history of each position and the identification of the key criteria for success. A complete understanding of the position specifications and reporting relationships must precede a successful search. We will assist your company in developing a Position Specification if one does not exist.

Once a search is defined we develop a search strategy and identify sources. Our research facilities and in-house computer systems provide us with an extensive database of candidate records, corporate profiles, and prior executive searches.  However, our most effective recruiting tool continues to be our painstaking procedures of personally identifying potential candidates from companies and recruiting them.  In addition, we have far fewer client blocks in any particular industry than most major search firms and we are therefore able to present the best available candidates. This is an important advantage and value-added service that we provide to our clients.  

We believe that leadership diversity is critical to the success and growth of a major corporation. Our efforts in developing diverse candidates benefit our clients by enriching their organization internally and enhancing their effectiveness.

Candidate Development:
Once recruited, we next interview each prospective candidate multiple times by phone to assess his or her qualifications and discuss the position. The most qualified candidates are then interviewed in person to determine if they possess the key criteriafor success. 

Key Criteria:
We benchmark each candidate against the key criteriathat was mutually developed at the commencement of the assignment.  Interviewing will be based on assessing core competencies and the evaluation of experiences and cultural fit.

Early Stage Candidates:
In today’s competitive global labor market it is critical that the search firm develop early stage candidates. Our goal will be to present viable candidates to your organization within the first thirty days of each engagement.  We will assist your company relative to marketplace compensation data by advising you if we feel that the compensation package being offered is not competitive. We will also report to you any intelligence with respect to competitive information and/or industry trends and conditions that may enhance your company’s understanding of the marketplace. 

Candidate Presentation:
Finalist candidates will be presented in a detailed written report discussing their personal background, professional accomplishments, suitability relative to your firm’s culture and the position specifications, verified academic credentials, the basis for their interest and considerations for attracting them. We will not present a qualified candidate to your firm unless we are confident that the candidate would ultimately accept an offer if one were made.

Client-Candidate Interviews:
After you have reviewed the written reports on proposed final candidates, we arrange a call between you and the targeted individuals.  As the search narrows we check references and, if you wish, provide credit, criminal background reports and conduct personality/psychological testing. Finally, we typically play an active role in the negotiation of an offer. Our broad experience and familiarity with the candidate can facilitate the acceptance of the offer.

It is our practice to follow-up within the first few months post-hire with the new executive and the hiring manager.  We have found that this point of contact has been helpful and constructive to all parties during this important period of transition and adjustment.