Our philosophy is to evolve a long-term relationship partner with that our client in addressing their global strategic human capital needs. Our goal is to establish a collaborative relationship with your firm and ultimately be considered your preferred search services provider at the executive level. We will achieve this designation by delivering value added performance and delivering high performance metrics that are, in part, based on retention and specific performance of individuals we bring to your organization.  

Our firm has successfully developed a Differentiation Strategy that sets us apart from most other search firms. Among the highlights are:

  • Having far fewer client blocks per industry. This allows us access to the vast majority of potential candidates during a search, therefore allowing us to present the best available candidates in the world.
  • Assigning two senior search consultants (including one Managing Director) to each engagement, this allows for continuity and enhanced team creativity and “outside the box” thinking.
  • Development of early stage candidates with the goal of presenting viable candidates to within the first thirty days of the engagement.
  • Assistance relative to marketplace compensation data by advising your firm regarding relative competitive compensation packages.
  • Taking a strong ethical orientation and commitment to a Full Disclosure Policy.
  • A diversity focus as part of each search engagement.
  • Commitment to provide a written search action plan at the commencement of each search.